A letter for my sister and her husband

Today is the day. My little sister will no longer be a Creamer, and will join together for the rest of her life with a great »

Document ES6 with ESDoc

I've been writing a lot of ES6(ES2015) at Lonely Planet the past few months. It comes with so many welcome changes to JavaScript, and with »

Using ES2016 Decorators to Publish on an Event Bus

One stage 1 feature for ES2016 is the idea of Decorators proposed by Yehuda Katz. They allow you to annotate and modify entire classes, methods, and »

Advanced WebPack Part 1 - The CommonsChunk Plugin

"As a front end developer, I want to split my assets up into multiple bundles so that I can load only the JavaScript, and CSS needed »

Code on the Beach 2015

I was honored to be accepted to speak at Code on the Beach this year! (2015). Code on the Beach is an amazing conference down in »

Setup ESLint with ES6 in Sublime Text

ESLint is a JavaScript linter/style checker that has quickly risen in popularity for a number of reasons. First of all, it's easily plugable. Second, it's »