About Me

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JavaScript and front end technologies are my passion. I also believe that you cannot ever stop learning which is why I stay active in the development community attending user groups like http://nashjs.org, and NashDotNet, blogging on http://jonathancreamer.com, Net Tuts, and Smashing Magazine, tweeting at jcreamer898 and scouring the internet for as much knowledge I can squeeze into my brain.

I work as a Senior Engineer at Microsoft. I love meeting other devs who are passionate about what they do.


  "name": "Jonathan Creamer",
  "birthday": "6/18/1988",
  "degree": "Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Tech",
  "almaMater": "Middle Tennessee State University",
  "technologies": ["JavaScript", "node.js", "Ruby", "C#", "ColdFusion", "Python"],
  "hobbies": ["Xbox", "Playing Basketball", "Drinking Bourboun"]