A new blog, and a new adventure

Nov 1, 2013

A new blog

I'm happy to finally have launched a new website for myself. Thanks to the new Ghost blogging platform! I gotta say this is a great platform. Super easy, clean, and extremely easy to modify and plug in to.

I'd been using Wordpress for a longtime, but I accidentally got myself got up in a redirect loop updating a MySql database and never got around to fixing it. Then I migrated to Blogger just to have something up in the mean time.

When Ghost came out, I tried it out and loved it. Writing blogs in Markdown is so full of win it's ridiculous.

A new adventure

I've spent the last ~1.5 years working for appendTo, and I'm announcing bittersweetly that I'll be departing on November 5, 2013 and beginning a new adventure with http://tech.pro.

Working for appendTo has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I've been honored and humbled by my time there. Mike Hostetler is an incredible CEO and runs one of the best companies a developer could possibly work for. So much great stuff comes out of appendTo and it was an incredibly difficult decision to leave, but I felt like this was an opportunity that I just HAD to be a part of! AppendTo has become a family to me and I'll be sad to depart.

Tech.pro will provide me with an entirely new set of problems to solve. I'll be back in the ASP.NET MVC world for the first time in a while so I'm extremely excited about that. Working entirely with JavaScript for the past couple years has been a real pleasure, but I'm also ready to work in the server side world again.


God has blessed me with incredible opportunites and amazing influencers in my life. I've been extremely fortunate in my short progamming career to work with some of the best in the business! Elijah Manor and Jim Cowart reached out and helped me get my position at appendTo and I'm forever greatful to them for that as well as for just being great dudes and great friends! Guys like Doug Neiner, Ryan Niemeyer, Eli Perelman, Jonathan Sampson, and Alex Robson are amazingly smart minds and have taught me a lot during my time working with them, and of course there's many more too! You don't get to work for bosses much better than John Kellar and Mike. Thanks to all of appendTo for making me feel apart of a special company.