Announcing Div Ops as the Slack, Discord and Reddit communities

divops Jan 22, 2020

tldr; Let's unite around the idea of frontend tooling by creating a #DivOps community.

What am I even?

A few months ago, my co-worker Kyle Welch and I were chatting about what we do on our team here at Eventbrite. We are on the Frontend Platform team, but here's the thing, he and I both spend a HUGE majority of our time NOT writing "frontend" things. We spend most of our time writing Dockerfiles, updating CI pipelines, writing CLI's in Bash or Typescript, etc. So, naturally I went to Twitter to figure out what we should call ourselves...

The most popular answer was "Frontend DevOps". Not bad. Does a decent job explaining what we do, but then, about a month later, this popped up on my radar thanks to Ben Illegbodu and Enrique!

#DivOps it is! What a fun and cheeky name to describe what we do.

After going making it through the holiday's I decided to try to turn this into a thing.

Naturally, I went back to Twitter, and determined that the most sensible next step is to create a Slack group and Reddit.

DivOps communities

Here's the links below as well...

My friend David Neal, being the wonderful man he is, also lent me his skillz to create this logo for us.

The idea here is, when my grandma or some friend of mine who doesn't understand what I do asks me what I do, the simplest way I've come to explain it is, "Well, we work on a tooling team that basically builds hammers for the rest of the engineers at our company". And the most awesome hammer I could think of was of course Mjornir.

We'll see where this goes in 2020, but the big goal is to try to unite folks who spend a lot of their time working through things like, WebPack configuration, babelrc's, Jest, React setup, Jenkins pipelines, Circle CI, travis, Parcel... etc etc, and try to help facilitate some cross talk amongst companies. The Frontend of our industry has become increasingly more complex.

I mean, just look at this...

Thanks to Frontend Masters for the above chart.

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It's quite frankly a daunting task to be a frontend engineer these days. The goal of all of the folks who work on frontend tooling aka #DivOps should be to at least attempt to hide a bit of that magic and allow teams to do what the need to do to ship code to their customers.

So, join me in uniting towards that end. Even if the name DivOps doesn't stick, there should be a community of us who work together to support each other in creating better ways to build tooling for supporting our teams.