Brite future

Jun 8, 2018

The past almost 4 years I've spent at Lonely Planet are coming to an end, and I'm excited to be joining the Front End Platform Team at Eventbrite! When I started at Lonely Planet 4 years ago. React was barely a thing, node was at version 0.10.33, and Angular was juggernaut framework everyone was learning. I've learned a ton and can't thank my team enough for the fun we've had over the last few years.

Eventbrite has a great set of values starting with...

Bringing the world together through live experiences

It'll be great to be a part of the team that helps bring not only the Eventbrite engineering team together, but also helps build a platform for anyone to enjoy experiences together.

It's never easy to leave a job, especially after being there almost 4 years. But, I am very excited about what the future holds and can't wait to start.