How to spend a week in Madrid

Mar 10, 2023

As I've traveled for work and conferences, I've learned how to find amazing things to do. One place my wife and I enjoyed a bunch when I had to do a trip working for Eventbrite was Madrid, Spain.

Things to eat and drink in Madrid

Paella is a good Spain is known for. There’s no shortage of good Paella places, so just look around, or ask a local where their favorite Paellea spot is!

Churros are a Madrid staple, and the best place to try them is at Chocoleteria San Gines...

One of my favorite dishes we discovered at several restaurants was Huevos Rotos. It's potatoes topped with Iberian Ham, and eggs.

There are several different mercados in the central part of Madrid, and what's nice is, it's basically a food court that has many different vendors so you can try all sorts of foods. One great one is Saint Ildephonsus Market.

There's a super cool bar called Bodega de la Ardosa where you can sip the local favorite lager, Mahou. It's most often served in small glasses so that the beer is always served cold.

It may seem odd to get a burger in Spain, but one of the various Goiko burger joints won't disappoint.

There's a lot of great rooftop spots such as La Terraza del Urban which give you a great view of the streets below, and of the gorgeous Madrid sunset.

Things to Do

You have to see the spectacular Royal Palace of Madrid and it's gardens. They do tours if you want to go inside the palace, but the gardens alone, which are free, are a sight in and of themselves.

Speaking of things you have to see, Crystal Palace, and it's surrounding park is also another must see sight.

Plaza Mayor is at the center of the downtown area, and is always packed with visitors, shops, and great food.

One of the main shopping streets is Calle De Fuencarral, and you'll find tons of great things to shop for down that long street.