Not the Christmas Eve we expected

Dec 26, 2015

It all started as a normal Christmas Eve this year. Woke up, wrapped presents, spent time with my wife and daughter. On my way to my Grandmother's house for our usual Beef on 'Wek Christmas Eve dinner, things got a bit crazy.

While attempting to explain firearm safety, my mom Roberta Creamer was accidentally struck with a bullet through her arm and across the front of her chest, thankfully avoiding any internal organs.

She was care flighted to the hospital last night in amazingly good spirits and had an exploratory surgery to investigate the damage in her arm as it mostly just grazed the chest area. After a 1.5 hour surgery, she had a few arteries repaired, a bit of nerve damage, but all in all, she will make a full recovery.

She is doing extremely well now and we celebrated a wonderful family Christmas.
Beyond the physical wounds my mom has faced, the psychological wounds that my dad Matthew Creamer will have are sure to be great as it was he who accidentally discharged the gun.
Please wrap all your support and prayers around both of them right now as more than ever they need the support of all their loved ones.

Pray for peace and healing.

Paul Baldwin, one of our longtime family friends came up with the idea to run this campaign for support of them. I know we would greatly appreciate this message shared, and even if are unable to provide monetary support, please shower them with messages, calls, carrier pigeons, or whatever form of love you can shower on them.